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A space where the time limit is used to stimulate your creativity.
This competition proposes to give responses in 24H to the social problems, future visions, climate changes, humanitarian causes and sociologic problems of the contemporary societies.
Commitment, perseverance, inspiration and hard work are the necessary bases to develop a proposal that meets the premises that will be released regularly in the brief of the competition.
We challenge you to prove your talent in 24 hours!
You have 24H to develop a proposal that responds to the program contained on a brief that you only know on the same day that start competition.

Take the risk!


Imagine something gigantic.
Imagine something immeasurable.
Imagine what can be bigger than the planet Earth.
Imagine things.
Let’s imagine the volume of what cannot be accounted for.
Imagine structures.
Imagine the speed. Imagine the complexity. Let us imagine the variability.
Imagine the variety.
Imagine a dimension of information so big that wanting to account for it, is simply impossible.
Imagine what is going on around us.
Imagine what we can see and not see. Imagine information.
Can we imagine the non-visible?
Let’s imagine Big Data


I место — €500*;
II место — €150*;
III место — €50*;
*публикации в соцсетях и на сайтах партнёров; 5 скетчбуков и т.п.

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